At Vibey Soap Company, we're in the business of making sustainability a vibe!

We believe that sustainability is an essential part of every aspect of our business—from the ingredients we use, to the products we make, the packaging they're in, our manufacturing, and even our workplace environment where we create.

And we're not just talking about recycling your banana peels (although we do encourage that). We're talking about developing products that are good for you, good for the planet and good for your wallet.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most environmentally-friendly companies out there—not just because it's important to us, but because it's necessary if we want to be around long enough to see what happens next in this crazy world of ours.

Our Ingredients: No aluminum, alcohol, or parabens. We use dried herbs and clays for our all natural products. But since not everyone can use Essential Oil soaps we also sell bars that are made with vegan mica and clean fragrance oils. Our sourcing standards ensure sustainable and ethically sourced materials. We believe in making products you can trust with ingredients that are safe for you and the planet we all share.

Our Packaging: We believe in keeping our world healthy and safe, so we use only packaging that is recyclable, reusable and sustainable. Our products are shipped in recyclable paper pouches or boxes, secured with recyclable paper tape. Our compostable clamshell boxes are made by Sustainable Packaging Industries, a USDA Certified BioBased Product. SPI is committed to providing plastic-free packaging solutions. It is important to us to keep our oceans and waterways free of chemicals and plastics. We are proud to provide packaging made from renewable materials for a healthier planet!

Our manufacturing processes are designed with care to always recycle and reuse as much as possible. We often donate materials we cannot use to the community. Even our soap ends and trimmings are donated to local charities & foster homes.