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Orange Aventurine 8mm Round Stretch Bracelet -Sacral Chakra - Abundance & Prosperity

Orange Aventurine 8mm Round Stretch Bracelet -Sacral Chakra - Abundance & Prosperity

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This semiprecious gemstone bracelet features the following Beads: 8mm Orange Aventurine Each bracelet is unique; Color and patterns will vary 8mm beads on elastic string; One size fits most Orange Aventurine beads is an all-around healer to bring happiness into one's life. It will help in enhancing intellectual power, refreshing your creativity and enhance ability.

Spiritually orange aventurine brings cheerfulness into your life. It promotes a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in the home and workplace. This natural gemstone stimulates the Sacral Chakra and encourages personal power, independence, originality, and self-esteem. Orange Aventurine increases motivation and drive, it aids in manifestation and brings cheerfulness into your life.

Orange Aventurine is a stone of possibility, abundance, and prosperity. It encourages perseverance and stabilizes the mind, stimulating creativity and higher perception. Orange Aventurine is associated with our Sacral Chakra, helping to inspire creativity and imagination by dissolving blockages and allowing energy to flow. This may also assist in the healing of sexual traumas that reside in the Sacral area.

Orange Aventurine Mantra: “I am prosperous. I am abundant.”

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